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We are Hawaii Performance Technology


Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, we are dedicated to making vehicles perform to the best of their abilities. Whether you're looking for a vehicle built for spirited daily driving or serious track abuse we have the knowledge and experience to build it for you.

While we are best known for our abilities in the realm of Domestic performance and repair, the recent addition of John Repollet to the HPT family has expanded our expertise to include the Import world! With over 30 years of experience in the automotive performance industry, along with specialties in the GM LS and Mazda rotary engines, HPT is now equipped to handle all of your American & Japanese performance needs. 

We offer not only maintenance, repair and install services, but also custom dyno tuning, custom fabrication, along with Domestic & Japanese parts from the brands that you know and trust. Whatever your automotive dreams or needs, HPT Performance can make it happen!




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Performance Tuning and Installs

  • Dyno Services
  • Custom Tuning
  • Engine Builds
  • Power Upgrades
  • Engine Conversions
  • Brake Upgrades + Maintenance
  • Supercharger Kits
  • Turbocharger Kits
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Clutch / Flywheel Upgrades
  • Anything Performance

Repair & Maintenance

  • Diagnostics - Mechanical & Computer
  • Engine overhauls: major & minor
  • Automatic and Manual transmission overhaul and repair
  • Engine, chassis, & brake repairs


News & Updates

  • 07/15/15 - Just got back from beautiful Oceanside California where Andres and I were attending one of Haltech's training seminars. We were able to rub elbows with some truly amazing engine builders and tuners. I can honestly say that Haltech would be a key component for anyone who is really looking to build their ride to be a cut above the rest. The Haltech Elite Series is freakin amazing. I'd like to thank JDM Concepts for hosting the seminar, and all the guys from Haltech for taking the time to educate us on the future of high performance engine management.

  • HPT is now a WEDS Wheels WedsSport dealer. In keeping with HPT's creed of "if you're not first you're last", HPT has teamed up with WEDS Wheels to bring you some of the best race wheels money can buy. With over 40 years of competition race history under their belt, WedsSport wheels have a proven track record of pushing the performance envelope, and HPT is proud to be one of their exclusive dealers.