Size definitely matters!!!

..... at least when it comes to exhaust piping. Especially on boosted vehicles. Which is why Stainless Works now offers both a 1-7/8" AND 2” primaries on their performance headers for those Gen III Hemi engines. Whether it’s the barnstormer Hellcat or the base model 5.7L. If it has a blower (which it should) or you’re adding one (which you should), then you’ll need to get a set of these 2” American-Made headers from the studs at Stainless Works. As always HPT is hooking our customers up with the products at the best prices so hit us up for a quote today.


Stainless Works HEMI Header
FREE Shipping. Hell yeah!!!

From now until forever, HPT is offering free shipping to any island in Hawaii on any full or tuner kit from ProCharger. That's right! Free shipping to Hawaii. No strings attached....except for the part where you gotta buy a Procharger kit, but other than that no strings attached. 

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