Welcome to Hawaii Performance Technology, Hawaii's leader in late model GM performance. 



Performance Packages


HPT offers proven performance street and track packages for most LS based GM platforms. Desire something more? Not to worry, we can design and build something to meet the demands of even the most craven of horsepower addicts.

Dyno and Street Tuning Services

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HPT utilizes Dynojet's Model 248 two wheel drive load controlled chassis dyno to test and tune vehicles up to 2000 HP and reaching maximum speeds of 200 mph.

Need a baseline for future mods? We offer 3 pulls for $95.

Recently modded your ride? We specialize in HP Tuners and Haltech tuning platforms, but with over 20 years of tuning experience, we have tuned cars on almost every name brand tuning platform in the automotive world. 

Already have a tuner? We offer dyno rental packages ranging from 1 hour to all day. 

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